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Аккорды Queen — Leaving Home Ain`t Easy
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Queen - Leaving Home Ain`t Easy

           Em      A          Em          A          Em       A          C#m
 I take a step outside and I breathe the air  And I slam the door and I`m on
 my way
          Bm       E            Bm         E                 Bm      E
 I won`t lay no blame  I won`t call you  names `Cause I`ve  made my break
        C#         F#m          C#     F#m             D      A (??)
 And I won`t look back  I`ve turned my back to those endless games.

 The second verse is the same except :
               Bm            E               Bm     E                Bm
 .... Shaking dust from my shoes  There`s a road ahead And there`s  no way  back
         D            E
 home  (No way)   But I have to say

 A      A2   Asus   A     F#m                                    E
 Lea -  vin` home ain`t easy (Oh I never thought it would be easy)
 A      A2   Asus  A  F#m                  E
 Lea - vin` all you   own (Oh is the main thing calling me back ?)
 A      A2   Asus       A   F#    Bm  F    A   A2     E7 E    A       Asus A
 Lea - vin` home ain`t ea - sy  ( On the  one you`re leaving home)

  Am      Asus
 Stay my love ..... etc   the same as intro.

 The rest is the same, except for the last but one time the chorus is played:
  A  A2  Asus      A   F#  Bm   F        A     D   B   E   D
 Leavin home ain`t ne  ce  ssa  ry       Leave the on ly  way

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