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Champion Jack Dupree — Jackie P. Blues — текст на английском
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My, my, I’m sick as I could be
Some people call me a junker
‘Cause I’m loaded all the time
I just feel happy
And I feel good all the time
Some people say I use a needle
And some say I sniff cocaine
But that’s the best old feelin’ in the world
That I’d ever seen
Say good-bye, good-bye to whiskey
Lord and so long to gin
I just want my reefer
I just wanna feel high, again
Oh yeah, I’m a junker
I feel alright
Some people, some people crave for chicken
And some crave for porterhouse steak
But when I get loaded
Lord, I won’t want my milk and cake
Oh yeah, that’s all I want, now
They call me a junker
‘Cause I’m loaded all the time
But that mean nothin’ if I feel good all the time

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